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Gualdo Tadino

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Hawthorn Bloom


Despite the low temperatures of the winter season, every year the night of January 14 repeats the prodigious flowering of the hawthorn.

According to tradition the day of death of Blessed Angelo, January 15, 1324, while transporting the body from the hermitage to the Cathedral, along the path took place a great flowering of the hawthorn. Blessed Angel is the patron saint of Gualdo Tadino with St. Michael the Archangel. On 15 January 1324, while the bells of the Abbey of St. Benedict played alone, Angelo was found dead in prayer. The passage of the corpse of Angelo, along the road leading to the convent of San Benedict, the hawthorn hedges and fields of flax miraculously began to flourish.
Still repeats the prodigious flowering of hawthorn hedges. On the night of January 14 are covered with numerous shoots despite the low temperatures of winter. This only occurs along the route traveled by the coffin during the funeral of the Blessed, the hermitage of Capodacqua to the Basilica of San Benedict.

Traditional program:
January 14
18 hours in the Cathedral of San Benedict - Solemn Vespers, in the presence of the municipal government, the mayor and the Gonfalonier of '"Board Games Gates" after delivery of the oil for the sanctuary lamp burning in the chapel of the Blessed angel in the Cathedral. The oil is offered by the Administration and Ente Games The Doors.
Torchlight 21 hours from the Church of San Donato district to Hawthorn. Homage to the statue of the Blessed Angel - Blessing of the hawthorn flowers.
January 15
Throughout the day solemn religious celebrations in the Parish Church of San Donato.